About us

We are a traveling family from Wroclaw in Poland. Since kids are at school, we travel only on holidays and weekends. Also from time to time we travel on our own, without kids.


Maria – I’m a lawyer. On our trips,  I think of our itinerary, write texts on a blog and mostly take pictures. That’s why you will not see me in most of them. I decided to set up a blog for three main reasons. First of all, I wanted to create a modern travel memory book for children. After some time, it will be hard for me to recall where we were, what we did, and so they could check carefully and I have a quiet hope that they will  appreciate our efforts? Second, no less important – traveling with kids is very difficult. Not only  because is uncomfortable and surprising, but mainly because before you go with your children to the other end of the world, you have to face your loved ones’ questions, why do you take kids, what for, they will not remember anyting, will get tired, fall ill, something will happen to them …

Today we have got used to it, although we still have not reconciled with the fact that we need to overcome the fears of others, so that we can rest ourselves. ? That’s why I decided to describe our travels, maybe for someone they will be an inspiration and perhaps any  support while travelling with kids. And finally a third, quite vain reason. When I posted travel posts on my private facebook profile, I received invitations from strangers who saw them on their friends wall and were curious what happened next? Also my friends did not spare their adultery (I believe that honest!). And that’s how I decided to start the blog. I do not know where this road will lead me, but isn’t it what it’s all about?


He is CEO in his own company. On our trips, he always has everything at hand that turns out to be useful. Countless knives, flashlights, multitools (multifunctional devices), axes, cleavers, threads, strings and others that I even can’t think of and he’s got it  on the other side of the world. He packs up suitcases, presses the racks, pulls out of the sand the sinking cars, pushes the rafts from the shoals and still fights with me for which of us is the best driver in the world.


He is a little cheeky monkey. When he was 6 months we went to Crete, and a moment later to Bali. Wherever he stays he just puts his head on a pillow and falls asleep.  The most important thing is to always have dinosaurs with him.


She is a real challange as she seems to be … a home lover. After two days of traveling, she usually wants to come back home. Well, you can’t choose parents, can’t you. She was 9 months old when she spent holidays with us in the Middle East – in Oman and a year with, as she crossed a modest part of Australia in a camper.


What it is about, you will see. I want to write about our travels, city breaks, interesting art exhibitions, beautiful architecture and design, because that’s what interests me. As a family, we have been traveling with children for over 7 years.

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